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RMPC Annual Meeting Agendas

2019 Agenda

2019  Homestead Resort, UT   Host – DeVon Hale, MD

Friday, August 16th

7:15 – 8 Registration & Hosted Breakfast

8-8:30 Welcome & Introductions
Honorary Remembrance of Dr. Tom Kurrus

8:30-9:15 Dr. Dennis Stevens & Amy Bryant, PhD – Boise, ID – Pathogenesis and the Host Response in an Era of Modern Diagnostics. Let’s Keep the Basics.

9:15-10 Dr. Brandon Webb – IHC, U of Utah ID, SLC UT Infections in the Immunocompromised Host

10-10:15 Intermezzo

10:15-11 Dr. Robert Latham – Guest Speaker, Nashville, TN | Latrogenic Fungal Meningitis, 2012

11-11:45 Dr. Bert Lopansri – IHC, U of Utah ID, SLC UT Diagnostic Microbiology | Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Just Ain’t Right

11:45-12:15 Colleen Terriff, PharmD, MPH, Spokane, WA | A Hot Mess – MDR UTI

12:15-12:45 Dr. Mark Oliver, St. Marks Hospital, SLC, UT Physician Case Presentation

12:45 Brad Applegate, RN & Pam Whitney, RN, Missoula, MT | HIV Testing Outreach Van & Tour

Lunch | Free Time | Crater Swim Trip 2:30

Friday Evening, 6 pm
Cocktails & Dinner
Square Dancing to Follow

Saturday, August 17th

7:15-8 Hosted Breakfast

8-8:30 Dr. Peter McKellar, GSMC, Scottsdale, AZ | Physician Case Presentation

8:30-9:15 Dr. Makoto Jones – U of Utah Epidemiology, SLC, UT | MRSA Update

9:15-10 Dr. Daniel Leung, U of Utah ID, SLC UT | Cholera, Steps Towards Ending It

10-10:15 Intermezzo

10:15-11:15 James Lewis, PharmD – Guest Speaker | OHSU, Portland, OR | Antibiotics 2019, The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

11:15-11:45 Dr. Neil Barg, YVMH, Yakima, WA | Physician Case Presentation

11:45-12:30 Dr. George Risi – BARDA, Washington DC | Ebola in the Congo: Origins of the Outbreak, Progress & Impediments, Strategies for Containment

12:30 RMPC Business Meeting