About the Rocky Mountain Pus Club

The Rocky Mountain Pus Club was founded in 1980 by a small group of Infectious Disease physicians in an attempt to bring specialists in infectious disease, public health, pharmacy and microbiology from the Intermountain West together to discuss interesting cases, treatments, and developments in this rapidly changing field. Now a 501(C)6 the RMPC has grown. Attendance at this meeting averages 80 registered MDs, PharmDs, RNs and microbiologists and is considered by many to be the most important meeting they attend each year.

Meetings are held in August, in either Utah, Idaho, Montana, Washington or Nevada. The format for the meeting is formal 30 minute and one-hour lectures, as well as numerous case presentations, over a two-day period.  In addition to presentations by members, at least one keynote speaker from outside the region is invited to discuss their area of expertise. This format includes ample time for active discussion and information sharing.

Because summer is a precious time in our part of the world, attendees are encouraged to bring their families to the meeting. The venue is most often a resort or other vacation-like setting and there is a big emphasis on providing social events and activities where discussions may be continued and friendships formed.